I founded La Fontaine Cosmetics with my husband to prove glamour can be good for you. As a busy mom of a toddler (with another on the way!), I needed an all in one answer that could help with fine lines, anti-aging and stretch marks that wouldn't take hours each day to see results. And I didn't want to spend a fortune either.

That's how I discovered microneedling! But there was a slight problem. Every derma roller I could find looked like it was designed by a scientist – not a woman. So we founded La Fontaine Cosmetics with my core values in mind: style, romance, eternal youth and endless love. I feel that even the slightest details exude sophistication. You are glamourous - your skincare products should be too.

And that's why I chose La Fontaine. It's French for "The Fountain", evoking the Fountain of Youth. With the rejuvenating waters of the Fountain serving as inspiration, we search the world for rich, natural elements and scientifically advanced formulas to develop luxurious treatments that will enhance your look, life and love. Our innovative luxury beauty lines feature technological advances from Europe, Asia, and of course my home country, Colombia! And we've woven our love of refinement, opulence and design into every product. I know you'll love them, because I do too.

I hope you enjoy your La Fontaine purchase and and remember:

Be Gorgeous. Be Yourself. Be Young Forever With La Fontaine.

Founder, La Fontaine Cosmetics

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