Discover your own Fountain of Youth with the DermaDream collection.

We created the Derma Dream collection to provide rich, natural treatments and innovative alternatives to expensive surgical procedures.

The Derma Dream Difference

At La Fontaine Cosmetics, we guarantee even the slightest details exude sophistication. We are constantly on the lookout for up and coming artists from the world over to create the stylish look of your premium Derma Dream products.

Our premium derma rollers are made to the highest quality standards. We use gold enhanced micro tip titanium needles specifically designed to unobtrusively and painlessly puncture the surface of your skin. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. Inexpensive, low quality or counterfeit derma rollers will not efficiently puncture the skin. This can result in tearing of the skin, infection, and can even permanently damage the treated surface.

The ergonomically designed handle is angled to perfectly puncture the skin by evenly applying light pressure. Each handle is made of high quality plastic and coated with a proprietary resin to promote sterility and discourage the spread of bacteria.

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