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There’s nothing worse than after finally escaping the dreaded teenage years to reach your fabulous adulthood and still be dealing with your teenage acne scars. They can be embarrassing, and in some cases even life altering. I know I’ve had times where I haven’t wanted to leave the house, thinking to myself that my acne scars are ruining my life, that my scarring is too visible or unsightly and that people would think “ewww” while looking at my skin. Thankfully, (together with a great deal of growing up and realizing that we are own own worst critics) I discovered what I truly believe to be the best at home acne scar treatments. And of course they are all natural, so as to cause no further issues or irritation to my skin. If you’ve ever felt like I did or said “acne scars are ruining my life”, trust me…you have to read this list!

Acne Scar Treatment 1 – Use Apple Cider Vinegar to fade Acne scars

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural astringents and a favorite of many skincare addicts. It has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties and even reduces inflammation, making it a perfect natural cure for acne. Being a sensitive topic for many people, I have found that many prefer to treat acne scars at home naturally by mixing their own DIY healing masks. I have 2 recommendations; first of which is my all natural at home method is to mix up my Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, then gently swab my scarring with a simple cotton round. Here’s the recipe:

My second recommendation is to try our Dermaroller for Acne scars

Derma rollers were first developed in Germany in the year 2000 for anti-aging treatments. What became increasingly evident is that the roller’s fine needles can quickly break down scar tissue and stimulate the skin cells to heal themselves. This has resulted in derma rollers and micro-needling as a whole being used frequently in spa's, aestheticians and even at-home use. What began as an exclusive treatment for celebs and the like, is now easily accessible for people like you and I through websites such as our own. For facial scarring, we recommend a 0.5 mm derma roller acne scar treatment followed by Vitamin C Serum. Dermarolling is known to boost collagen formation, improve elastin and can even treat crepey skin. To find out more about the amazing benefits of using a derma roller click here.

How to Use a Dermaroller

♥ 1. Establish a clean, sterile environment prior to use Sterilize your Derma Roller by soaking the needles with an approved disinfectant (such as rubbing alcohol). Wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and hot water. Thoroughly cleanse treatment area with soap and hot water to remove all traces of makeup and pollutants. Pat dry for maximum cleanliness.

♥ 2. Follow safe, generally approved treatment methods Begin rolling the treatment area under light pressure first vertically, then horizontally.

♥ 3. Continue lightly rolling diagonally in an X pattern

Repeat this process until the treatment area has been rolled approximately 10 times. Complete this in all treatment areas. Avoid eyes and lips. Treatments should be completed in 5-10 minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times weekly. After cleaning the treated area with soap and water, your skin will be more receptive to treatments due to increased absorption.

Treatment Schedule

♥ Depending upon the length, this can be done once weekly (0.2 or 0.5 mm) or monthly (1.0 mm).  For best results, allow as much time as possible in between treatments for the skin to have more time to heal.


Acne Scar Treatment 3 – Vitamin E and Vitamin A for Acne scars

Vitamin E has long been considered a key vitamin for healthy skin.  It moisturizes and hydrates your skin while also assisting and amplifying the effects of Vitamin A (aka. Retinol). Vitamin E is absorbed by the fat in your body and works with Vitamin A to give you soft, glowing skin. Vitamin E deficiency leads to dry skin, acne breakouts and poor skin health.

Retinol is a key cell-communicator that can connect to almost any skin cell receptor.  It's one of the most effective ingredients at making your skin cells behave like younger versions of themselves. Retinol is known to interrupt the damage caused by free-radicals, reverse wrinkling and increase collagen production. It has been consistently recognized as one of the most beneficial vitamins for human skin. Our Grandeur Age Defense Retinol Serum blends peptides, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide and retinol with 9 organic ingredients for ultimate age reversing effects. 

And there you have it. Each of the 3 simple remedies will provide effective at home treatments for acne scarring. Soon, you’ll never have to say “acne scars are ruining my life” again!


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