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We are excited to share with you our NEW line of Bamboo Activated Charcoal products. You might be thinking - Charcoal? Not sure I would want to put that on my skin?! When we talk about charcoal in skincare we are not referring to ‘coal’ at your Summer barbecue or Mining, we are talking about Activated Charcoal - which is carbon thats been heat-treated to increase it’s absorbency. The theory behind using this in your skincare routine is that it acts similarly to a magnet in the sense that it can help draw out and absorb excess oil and impurities. “When dirt and oil in your pores come in contact with the carbon, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse," explains cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson.

With Activated Charcoal being the key ingredient in our new Renouvelé line as well as one of the most powerful ingredients in the Beauty World today, we thought theres no better way to convince you that the products are amazing (which they truly are!), than to explain some of the beneficial properties it offers:

♥ TREATS OILY SKIN:  If you suffer from a greasy T-zone then applying activated charcoal regularly can greatly improve the condition of your skin. It absorbs the excessive oil along with the dirt from the skin. This will help you skin to look more balanced and even slightly mattified.

♥ REDUCES PORE SIZE:  Charcoal has the amazing ability to control facial oil, but it also draws away the impurities that build up in the pores. It is said that it can absorb up to 200 times its dry weight. This means that over time it can help with reducing pore size as the pores are left clean and open for extended periods.

♥ PROVIDES BRIGHTENED FLAWLESS SKIN:  Using products with Activated Charcoal is a very effective way of removing dead skin cells. This light but continuous exfoliation helps provide brightened smooth skin. It can also help improve any dry skin or patches by removing said skin cells and replenishing the area with hydration.

♥ PREVENTS PREMATURE AGING:  With aging comes loose skin and it is important to try take steps to combat this as early as possible. Charcoal has the properties to make the skin firmer and tighter at a much faster pace than other key ingredients.

♥ SUITS EVERY SKIN TYPE: We have good news; charcoal while, on one hand, can extract the excessive oil from the oily skin, on the other, it also moisturizes and nourishes the dry skin. Furthermore, it is also suitable for the sensitive skin type as it can also effectively treat skin allergies and help calm down redness on the face.

♥ CHARCOAL IS COMPLETELY NATURAL: Unlike many other skincare ingredients, activated charcoal is completely natural. Other skincare products may appear to be doing good to your skin, however over time they can actually cause damage.  Charcoal is a very gentle treatment option for anyone looking for a skin detox.


Phew, that was a lot of information but aren’t you super excited now to try this ‘power ingredient’ out?! The easiest way to get the most beneficial results is to include Activated Charcoal in your daily skincare routine. For example: using our Renouvelé Activated Charcoal Pore Reduction Cleanser 1-2 times daily you will help control any excess oil and detoxify impurities in your skin while still be gently enough for all skin types. Lastly, to truly provide your skin with the very best care, you can use our Renouvelé Activated Charcoal Pore Reduction Masque once a week for an even deeper clean and a gentle exfoliation to help brighten your complexion. Perfect for showing off your new refined skin with a fresh and radiant glow!


PS. Watch Hollywood celebrity Monique Parent demonstrating how she has included our Renouvelé Activated Charcoal Pore Reduction line in her skincare routine



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